20 April 2016

Life up close

Give me a new toy and play will follow! I recently bought an inexpensive macro lens to attach to my tablet so I could gain a different perspective on common things around me. 

This is a section of my pine table top. More battered than I thought!

Detail of a woven placemat.

A piece of scrambled egg. Gross! Perhaps it's not always desirable to see objects in such detail?

05 April 2016

Creativity interpreted

Creativity is an elusive concept; explaining how it works is intensely personal. I'm always fascinated by individuals' understanding of the process. 

If you're in Australia, I recommend you watch Matilda and Me on iview (it's available there until 18 April). It's the story of Tim Minchin and how he came to write the music for Matilda: the Musical, a most wonderfully joyful musical, which I thoroughly loved.

I was taken by his description of his process and how all his creativity comes out of his head through his fingers and into the piano keys. Wonderful viewing.

22 March 2016

In the Studio with Brenda Gael Smith

Ooh! Have you seen the current issue of Quilters Companion magazine? No? Well if you want to read my latest article (and other great quilty articles), you should get one - pronto!

What a beautiful design on the cover - it's Garden Friends, a bed runner by Marg Low.

If you turn to page 18, you'll be able to read my article about Brenda Gael Smith's fabulous studio - the one with the most stunning view over Copacabana beach. Envious much?

I love hearing about how quilters set up their sewing spaces. So many different places and so many ways! We can all pick up a tip or two for our own spaces; or we can simply dream of how our ideal studios might look one day.  

15 March 2016

My book of the month: March

Grand Slam is the third in Kathryn Ledson's Erica Jewell series. You can read it as a stand-alone story but I recommend you start with the first book, Rough Diamond, so that you can understand the context of some events.

Erica Jewell is a great character. She has a full-time job in PR and, in this story, manages Dega Oil's sponsorship of the Australian Open tennis tournament. As events unfold, she also finds herself 'managing' star tennis player Emilio Méndez, the Open's biggest drawcard and quite a challenge. Oh, and did I mention she is trying to find out who is attempting to kill them both?

This story is a great romp through Melbourne and the erratic life of Erica. It's funny and fast-paced; there's adventure and romance. A great read.

Visit Goodreads to find out more about this book.

29 February 2016

Three things

I confess I've been more active on my Facebook page than I have been on this blog during February. I enjoy the immediacy of popping a quick post there and having a dialogue with you. If you are on my page, please say hi!

In the meantime, here are three things I like this week.

1. Resilience

I survived a traumatic event when my car was swamped by storm water. Yes, I was in it and yes, the car was written off. It was an experience I certainly hadn't predicted.

That was a month ago and I have successfully moved on. Old car drowned and gone; new car purchased and being enjoyed. Onwards.

2. Removing barriers

The joy of trust, vulnerability, openness and love. Not much more to say about that here, really. 

3. The end of summer

On the calendar only, but it's a psychological highlight of my year. We'll have another month of hot weather and high humidity but at least I know it is coming to an end. Finally.

09 February 2016

My book of the month: February

Look, if you haven't read any of the 44 Scotland Street series, you're missing some beautiful writing. Alexander McCall Smith is such a wonderful observer of life and its idiosyncrasies and he expresses these so cleverly through his characters. 

This is the tenth book in the series. You could start with The Revolving Door of Life but I don't recommend that. Start with the first title (44 Scotland Street) to discover the gently intertwined lives of the residents, all described charmingly by the author.
Delightful yarns, amusing stories and fascinating glimpses into McCall Smith's Scotland. What's not to love?

You can read more about The Revolving Door of Life on Goodreads.